Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bernard-Henri Levy Discusses Why Daniel Pearl Was Killed

His thesis:

Daniel Pearl was on the verge of discovering three things about Pakistan, al-Qaeda and the Pakistan secret service / intelligence services ISI.

Danield Pearl was on the verge of finding "a link between ISI and al-Qaeda, or the jihadists around al-Qaeda."

Levy discusses the second point is that Pearl was finding out the role the Gilliani, the guru to the Shoebomber, "is also the man who inspires bin Laden to fight the war. He has very short ideas, and there are men who have the ideas for him."

And the third point: "I think he was inquiring on the very sensible point of nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Could have been, that there were some contacts between Pakistani scientists and bin Laden. The point is to find out if it goes further than that.

He also, frighteningly points out that "the next step in this war of terrorism could involved nuclear weapons. This is the idea of al-Qaeda today."

Because of this, and because of his work walking in the footsteps of the murdered journalist Pearl, Levy, very importantly, believes the real war is in Pakistan.

"There has been a mistake of calculation. [The war in Iraq] was not the right goal," he tells Charlie Rose.

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